I Love Jamaica From A to Z

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The idea to write a book about Jamaica came to mind while I was swimming in the ocean at Negril, a town in western Jamaica. Rain had begun to lightly fall. I was afraid there would be lightening. Thankfully, there was none. I decided to remain in the water while others swam back shore to seek cover. Although several yards away from the shore, I could still feel the bottom with my feet. There was a calmness and hushed quietness all around me while the rain lightly fell onto the warm ocean water. My soul was filled with complete and sublime peace and serenity. It was surreal. It was such a memorable time that I remember the exact date - May 24, 2016.

Fast forward to 2020: During the pandemic, I had all of the time in the world during the lockdown. The only thing that kept me alive was my faith in God through Jesus Christ...and writing. I wrote the first draft of the book, "I Love Jamaica From A to Z." I put it aside, tucked away in the pages of a journal.

Fast forward to August 22, 2023: During my evening commute, I had the urge to complete the book. I actually worked on the final draft on my phone. I reached out to my amazing creative team about the idea for the book, and they brought my vision into fruition. Mr. Ziggy Marley says it best: "The spirit moves us, so we move... You feel something and you take action, and you find good partners."

I've been to Jamaica countless times. I love the country. I love the people. As a children's book author & literacy advocate whose mission is to promote diversity and cultural awareness, I want to introduce young people to the culture and beauty of the world around them, including Jamaica.

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