About CSJ Media Publishing

Thank you for visiting my website. My journey started in 2006 at an Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Retreat in Port Jervis, NY. Ever since then, there was a high calling on my life: to serve God through writing. For many years, I neglected the fulfillment of my purpose because of my own fears, doubts, unbelief, etc.

A breakthrough came one afternoon in February 2014 when I was challenged to be the woman of God I was created to be. I decided to take on the challenge and pursue God and discover who I am in Him. (What a journey it has been!)  Later that year, I founded CSJ Media Publishing as a platform to use my gifts and talents in writing to uplift others.

My mission is to inspire, encourage, and empower people through the written word. Thanks for reading!

Cindy Similien-Johnson

President & CEO

CSJ Media Publishing